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Niedziela, 2019-05-26
Imieniny: Eweliny, Jana, Pawła

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On 1 March 2013 the Education Centre of the Polish Finance Administration, together with the Customs Service Department and the IT Department of the Ministry of Finance, started in the intranet the e-learning system ATENA2, available to all employees of the finance administration. The work on the system had begun in 2011. The project was intended to implement a single standardised e-learning platform supporting traditional training courses.

E-learning makes it possible for the learning process to become flexible and accounting for individual needs. The key advantages of this learning method are: location and time flexibility (as preferred by the user), learning pace tolerance, better availability of courses, standardisation of knowledge, easy access to source texts, data and multimedia, repeatability, simple and immediate evaluation of learning progress by automatic checks and controls, significant cost reduction.


Enhancing the professional development, with the use of up-to-date learning programmes and methods, including the e-learning method, is the statutory task of ECPFA, compliant both with the training policy of the Polish Ministry of Finance as well as the recommendations of the European Commission. 

                Project Team Atena2 – Receiving diplomas on 17 July 2013

Usage of Atena2 in 2013

Between 1 March and 31 December 2013 ca. 26 500 unique users – employees of the Polish finance administration registered in the Atena2 system. There are 73 super users in all entities of the financial administration, processing the staff’s e-learning requests. The unique users received over 44,800 course-end certificates. Atena2 offered

70 e-courses and was visited by ca. 2,000 persons daily.

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